Ferro Luce Minitallux Mariner Icone Leuchten und Interieur Agentur Frank König Köln Vertrieb von hochwertigen Leuchten der Firma Ferro Luce, Minitallux und Mariner

Kings Art Leuchten und Interieur Agentur Köln

Special kind of lighting and furniture

The professional sale of lighting and furniture on behalf of Italian and Spanish manufactures is since almost 20 years, the focus of my work.

High production quality, contemporary design and high service levels are standard and demand for each manufacturer represented by me.

Important Dealers in Germany and in the surrounding area are among my clients. Consulting, service, commitment, and my good contacts are in the merger with these manufactures a successful symbiosis.

To all suppliers and many customers I have long lasting and good relationships.

For contact, please mail to frank-koenig@kingsart.de or use the contact form.

Ferro Luce Minitallux Icone

italienische, spanische Leuchten und Möbel der Firmen Ferro Luce, Ferroluce, Minitallux Icone und Mariner gehören zum Vertrieb der Agentur Kings Art in Köln.